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As the pioneer he was, Marius Eriksen Sr. created Norway's first pure alpine ski, and in 1935, Streamlines skis were born. Standing strong by his side was his wife, Bitten Eriksen, whose iconic knitting designs have left an enduring mark on Norwegian design history. Their two sons, Marius and Stein Eriksen,conquered the alpine slopes on their father's handmade Streamlines skis, making fashion history while adorned in their mother's classic knitwear.

With pride, Martine Eriksen continues the family tradition. Streamlines relaunches knitwear developed by Grandma Bitten and handcrafted Streamlines skis with a focus on quality and timeless design.

Our responsibility

Quality and sustainability in focus

We always consider the environmental impacts of our activities and aim to minimize the environmental footprint of our brand. Behind every decision we make, we consider the long-term impact on our people, partners and the planet.

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In 1935, Marius Eriksen Sr. brought to life Norway`s first alpine ski brand: Streamlines. The new generation of Streamlines skis are handmade with a core combination of Norwegian spruce and birch, strengthened by composite materials from the aviation industry.

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