Stein Midnight Blue

4,700.00 NOK

Stein Eriksen was known for his elegant style and was always observed wearing his mother's knit designs. To honor Stein's significant contributions as the front figure for Bitten Eriksen's most popular sweater, we are excited to relaunch this classic under the name "Stein."

The combination of merino wool and alpaca is hypoallergenic, breathable, and moisture-wicking. Naturally lightweight and soft, it is comfortable to wear against the skin and ensures an even body temperature in all weather conditions.

Product specifications

  • Material: 50% Merino wool/50% Alpaca
  • Neck/neckline: Boatneck
  • Fit: Straight with a rib at the bottom
  • Length: Standard
  • Sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Washing instructions: Hand wash at 30°C
  • Article number: TC 997 001 289 / S-XXL

Size Chart
① Height (cm) 174 178 182 186 190
② Chest (cm) 94 100 106 112 118
③ Waist (cm) 82 88 94 100 106
④ Hip (cm) 96 102 108 114 120
⑤ Arm length (cm) 61 62.5 64 65.5 67
⑥ Inside leg (cm) 80 82 84 86 88
EU 44 - 46 48 - 50 52 - 54 56 - 58 60 - 62
USA/CAN 34 - 36 38 - 40 42 - 44 46 - 48 50 - 52

Alle mål er vist i centimeter.

We are proud to continue Bitten Eriksen's classic knitwear designs from the 1950s. Sustainably produced for durability through the coming generations.

Handpicked materials

We use merino wool and alpaca in our knitwear for their natural, environmentally friendly, and thermoregulating properties. Merino wool is lightweight, soft, and comfortable against the skin, while alpaca is known for its durability and moisture-wicking properties. Both materials are biodegradable and come from sustainable sources, making them ideal for high-quality outdoor clothing.

Sustainable production

In line with tradition, quality and craftsmanship are values that underpin everything we do at Streamlines. We always assess the environmental impacts of our activities and aim to minimize the environmental footprint of our brand. Behind every decision we make, we consider the long-term impact on our people, partners, and the planet.


The most sustainable products are those that last a long time. We aim to continue the family tradition and create timeless, high-quality products that will last for generations. Our passion for quality and tradition is reflected in every product we make, and we hope that you will share our love for Streamlines and all that we stand for.

A classic design by

Bitten Eriksen

Bitten Eriksen (1900 – 1996) was a renowned Norwegian knitwear designer and her timeless designs from the 1950s gained great popularity in both Europe and the USA. Streamlines looks forward to relaunching Bitten's classic knitwear designs. To achieve a soft and lightweight quality, our knitwear is made of 50% merino wool and 50% alpaca, which are also nature's finest thermoregulating materials.