Oslo 1952

12,000.00 NOK

Stein Eriksen won his first Olympic medal in alpine skiing in Oslo in 1952. The ski model Oslo 1952 is a versatile on-piste ski that enables the skier to enjoy a variant of snow and skiing conditions.

The Oslo 1952 has a very smooth build, enabled by vulcanized rubber dampening, and is available in three lengths for those who prefer a shorter ski.

Technical details
  • Norwegian wood core
  • Triaxial fiberglass
  • Aerospace-grade prepreg laminates
  • Vulcanized rubber damping
  • Sandwich construction
  • Semi-Cap
  • Race Grade Base
  • Early Rise Tip
  • Center Camber
Area of Use

Area of Use

Skier Level
Measurement and weight
Length Width Radius Weight
123 - 86 - 109 mm
19 m
1740 g
120 - 84 - 107 mm
18,6 m
1510 g
117 - 82 - 104 mm
18 m 1440 g

Ideally suited for all skiers who want an easy-to-handle and versatile downhill ski, suitable for varied terrain and available in three lengths for optimal adaptation.

Norwegian Wood

Our Streamlines skis are manufactured with a wood core made from Norwegian birch and spruce from sustainable forestry in Southern Norway. The wood for our skis comes from the local sawmill in Skotterud; Eidskog Stangeskovene.

Norwegian Heritage

Alpine pioneers Marius and Stein Eriksen conquered the slopes on their father's handmade Streamlines skis and made history wearing their mother's iconic knitwear designs and hand-sewn anoraks.

Made in Sweden

Our skis are produced at Åre Skidfabrik in Sweden. In addition to manufacturing all skis with 100% renewable energy, they operate an energy-optimized factory. Åre Skidfabrik has strict rules and regulations regarding working conditions, waste, and chemical management.